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  • Now that colder weather is approaching, protect half-hardy plants with fleece.

  • Plant daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs and Allium bulbs for a glorious spring display. Dot them through borders or naturalise them.

  • Plant bare root ornamental trees and shrubs.

  • Plant spring bedding such as wallflowers, Bellis, Primulas and winter pansies for a fantastic spring display.

  • If your summer containers are looking past their best, re-plant them with fresh winter bedding plants.

  • Autumn is the ideal time to plant Clematis plants.

  • This month is an ideal time to move trees and shrubs, and plant hedges.

  • Hardwood cuttings can be taken now from deciduous shrubs.

  • Prune climbing roses and rambling roses once they've finished flowering and tie in the stems before autumn winds cause damage.

  • Clear up fallen rose leaves to prevent diseases such as black spot from over-wintering - don't compost the leaves.

  • Clear overhanging plants away from pathways to maintain access routes throughout the garden.

  • Cut back perennial plants that have died down or alternatively leave the dead foliage in place for over-wintering wildlife.

  • Lift and divide any overcrowded herbaceous perennials whilst the soil is still warm.

  • After tidying borders, mulch with bark chips, well-rotted manure, leaf mould or spent mushroom compost to insulate plant roots for the winter and keep weed growth in check.
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