Our People

Bostock Country Estate residents come from all walks of life with the properties attracting young families, single professionals, couples and those enjoying an active retirement.

The Estate offers a safe and secure 'village' enviornment for all who live in its community. Nestled in fourteen acres of stunning Cheshire conservation parkland, its beautiful gardens and woodland walks around a large ornamental lake are all managed by our Head Gardener, Richard and his team.

One of the huge benefits of living on the Estate is that it is the perfect spot for those who value their privacy. However, for those who enjoy a more social buzz, there is also plenty going on, from indulging in culinary passions such as Safari Suppers and Curry Club, to clubs relating to culture, books, gardening, birds, etc. With friendships formed and neighbourly care in abundance if and when needed, it is a truly a wonderful place to live.

Our local pub, The Hayhurst Arms, is just a short walk away, the perfect spot for a beer or glass of wine, lunch or evening meal.

The wonderful mix of community means there are always pleny of people around during the day, from those who work from home, to active retirees.

Properties on the Estate can access the fastest form of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) broadband available. We may be surrounded by history, but fibre optic cable direct from the exchange into our houses means we can enjoy all the benefits of contemporary life!


"We are such stuff

As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep."

Prospero, The Tempest