Sunday, 19 March 2017 19:35

The Management Board

Written by The Web Master

Bostock Hall Management Company Limited (BHMC) manages the whole estate on behalf of the shareholders

The shareholding of the Company is made up by each dwelling owner being entitled to one share and, as such, entitled to one vote at any AGM or EGM, either by attending, or by proxy. No other persons are allowed to vote.

Meetings are always notified well in advance, and all shareholders are invited to attend to hear the affairs - financial and otherwise - of Bostock Hall and to comment, vote and enjoy meeting up with friends and neighbours.

The Board of BHMC has six Directors drawn from shareholding residents. It meets six times a year, or more if necessary. The Board is supported by a Company Secretary and administrative help supplied by managing agents, Fisher German.

The private portal on the Bostock website gives residents access to all the latest information issued by the BHMC.