Sunday, 19 March 2017 19:49

Safari Suppers

Written by The Webmaster

Popular Safari Suppers are held four times a year and are a great way to get to know neighbours.

The Concept

Each couple provides the food and wine for one course at their own home; they entertain four guests and are asked to provide a starter, main course or dessert.

For the other two courses, residents join four other people at someone else's home, with the hosts providing the food and wine for their course. For those not partial to cooking, popping to the local supermarket, farm shop or The Hollies is perfectly acceptable!

First timers are given a course of their preference to host and, if single, can either bring a friend or be paired up with another guest.

The evening begins by gathering for a glass of sparkle at one house, and the evening is brought to an end with coffee at another.

2020 Dates will be published shortly

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