Monday, 22 April 2019 19:56

April Up-date

Written by Webmaster

Every two months residents receive a newsletter designed to keep everyone up-to-date with progress on the management of the Bostock Country Estate. Unlike similar estates, residents own the freehold so there is no external landlord. A Management Board, made up of elected residents, means we have complete control over our ground rents and all the decision-making related to the Estate. We have several strategic plans in place to ensure there are no surprises. Our current projects include silt removal from the lakes, the upgrading of the lawns and the enhancement of the woodland walks.

The Lakes

The initial works carried out by Aquatic Solutions have been a success with minimum disruption to Bostock life and a positive change in respect of the wildlife has already been noticed. The clearance of the small lake went to plan, with a huge amount of silt being removed. Aquatic Solutions recommended focusing on a silt removal programme in the large lake. This will be a gradual process over a number of years given the size of the lake and the annual maintenance budget. While on site, the contractors undertook some thinning out of the water lilies. Bulrushes had virtually returned the large lake to land in some places, covering widths stretching up to 12m into the lake. Their removal has transformed the aesthetics of the lake, opening it up to its former size and creating a more pleasing bank line. The on-going maintenance plan has now been finalised and Aquatic Solutions will be returning over the next few years to continue the work required on the main lake.

Ground Maintenance Plan

A new plan has been devised to manage the up-keep of the Estate grounds. The plan aims to protect all our biota - flora, fauna, fungi -  to ensure we preserve a balanced habitat. In autumn, young trees in the grounds will be thinned and those removed relocated to the woodland and copses to replace those lost in the recent storms. Bulbs and ferns will be planted along the bank of the main lake and in the woodland. Raised beds are being devised, along with the removal of deteriorating stock and fresh planting of shrubs and flowers. Ruthless pruning of the Rhododendrons was required to establish future healthy growth and new sprouting is already beginning to appear.

Fine Turf Services have spiked the main lawns to assist with drainage and improve root development. Removal of the moss and reseeding blank areas will be carried out by Richard and his team in the West Wing, the Stables and in front of The Walled Garden, Platts Hall and The Courtyard.

Painting of the Garages

The Management Board arranges for the regular painting of garage doors, frames, and the clearing and repair of gutters and downpipes. All painting of the garages will be complete by the end of May.

Bostock Parish Council

We are delighted that four of our residents are parish councillors representing the interests of local residents in and around Bostock. More information can be found on their website

Marketing & Communication

Our website is now being used more widely and is regularly up-dated with local events and the Estate's social scene. We can also be found on Twitter and Instagram with posts promoting the quality of daily life on and around the Estate, along with the sharing of local news posts from our Followers. Naturally, residents already appreciate this is a wonderful place to live, but it is important to showcase this to future potential residents.

Social Scene

Regular events such as Supper Club and Safari Suppers have been added to the list of Clubs on the website. Individual residents run each Club and details and timings are up-dated to their relevant page here. The website also highlights a myriad of events held in the area from food, drink and music festivals, to county and flower shows. Also under Social Scene is the 'In and around Cheshire' page created for anyone new to the area and looking for things to do. The 'In the Know' section lists some of our local pubs and eateries, along with other useful information.