Thursday, 29 June 2017 19:43

The Codfather

Written by The Webmaster

Since opening in April 2008, The Codfather has become one of the most popular chip shops around, and their awards have certainly helped to put Northwich on the map. There are ten fish and chip shops within a three mile radius of The Codfather, which means they strive to ensure that their offering is always of the highest quality.

Fish is caught in the North Sea from fully sustainable stocks and line caught and includes Scottish Cod, Haddock and Plaice, along with Scampi from Whitby. Potatoes vary depending on the time of the year and all are chipped on their kitchen on site with every one cooked to perfection at 175-180C to produce the perfect, tastier chip. The batter recipie is a closely guarded secret and contains no artificial colours or flavourings.

Oil is filtered daily and continually changed, with all waste oil collected and used as bio-fuel. Codfather only use Frymax oil which is free from additives, contains only a trace (less than 1%) of trans fatty acids, no hydrogenated fats and no nut produce. Frymax is the leading 'all vegetable' frying fat for the fish frying trade with an enviable reputation for quality built up over 50 years. The fish and chips are fried to order, except at peak times, to ensure customers enjoy the best possible product. 

The Codfather also offers gluten free fish and chips every day and sells gluten free batter and vinegar. The shop is Coeliac Society approved and named on their website as a nominated shop in Cheshire. The Codfather team also sponsors Lostock Gralam Football Club and supports various local charities.

6.4 miles, 12 minutes from The Bostock Estate

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